An introduction to us!

Hi everyone! 

We thought we'd do a little blog post just to introduce who we are and what we hope to provide you all. 

The Start…

The idea for Scarf Shack started long ago, although back then we had no idea it could turn into what it is today. We started off as a family run business, and we continue to flourish as one.

I grew up at a time where marketplaces like eBay and Amazon began to grow in popularity, and the shift to selling things online was more prominent than ever.

My father has always worked in retail, selling a variety of things, the main being scarves. But my mother was the one who decided to experimentally list some of his scarves on eBay.

Back then this movement into selling online was out of mere curiosity and none of us imagined it would turn into what it has today. From then on, we watched our sales grow online, eventually expanded to Amazon and now, the biggest step yet, our own website.

A lot has changed since then, one change being that I’m now in the picture.

Growing up in a business orientated household I was always intrigued by how they functioned, and more importantly, I was inspired to grow one myself. Currently being a full-time university student, Scarf Shack grew as my sort of summer project. I wanted to create something we could truly call our own. And so summer nights were spent designing logos and figuring what on earth coding actually is. Followed by trying to design a functional (and aesthetic) website with 0 previous experience. Slowly but surely, something solid started to become of my constant tinkering on my laptop. Pieces of the puzzle started fitting together and here we are.

The Now..

Enough about me, let’s talk about the business itself. Scarf Shack was born with the aim to become the biggest online scarf collection. With a lot of experience in retail (from my hardworking parents), we know exactly how to source our products in a way in which we can sell them at the most affordable price possible. That being said, we don’t cut corners or compromise on quality. We want to give you a scarf you will cherish and love just as much as we do. Our collection is diverse, with a large variety of colours. And in the upcoming years we hope to expand this even further and source scarves from all over the world. 

So, with that being said, we would love for you to have a look at our scarf collection and we hope there’s something in there you fall in love with too.

Help us make our dream a reality and follow (and share?) our story on social media.

Instagram: @scarf.shack             Facebook page: @scarf.shack.official

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