Little Gifts to Cheer Up Family & Friends During the Pandemic

by Zohra RashidMar 31, 2020

Ok so there's a what?

As the world took an unexpected turn in the past few months, it's left many (including me) looking for a much needed pick me up - and I'm sure many of you feel the same. So here's a few sweet gift ideas to cheer up your family, friends, and of course yourself!

Gifts to Uplift

1. Jewellery with meaning 

Jewellery is always a great way to cheer up someone...BUT...when it has beautiful meanings attached to each piece - it's sure to bring a smile to just about anyone.

StonesnStars is a great example of this. 
They're a small Etsy business with a stunning range of high quality, handmade gemstone jewellery. What more could you possibly want? They have a large selection to choose from and the best part - in the product descriptions they include the meaning of each gemstone. With this you have a gorgeous gift, in beautiful packaging carrying a comforting message. 

They're also currently having a 15% off sale on all their gemstone jewellery! (you're welcome) 

2. Mugs hear me out. With all this "working from home" I'm sure anyone would appreciate a new mug for their morning coffee! And below are a couple examples of some inspiring mugs sure to cheer up anyone. Any attempt to making morning's a little happier right? 

3. Books 

Remember that book you've been meaning to read for forever? Time's up! Being in quarantine is the perfect time to catch up on your reading list and also send some book love to your family and friends. If your looking for some inspiration - here's a few I've been loving:

1. Grown ups - Marian Keyes
    Perfect book to get lost in, lighthearted, hilarious and fun!

2. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse - Charlie Macksey 
    Beautifully illustrated and carrying timeless messages which pull at each heart string.

3. The Happiness Hypothesis - Jonathan Haidt 
    Ever had an interest in philosophy/psychology? This book will take you on a journey through your own      mind. 

These time's are difficult for everyone. As we all adjust to a dramatic change in our everyday lives, being isolated from family and friends can be especially difficult. If anything, I hope the gift ideas above inspire you to send some love to your family and friends - we could all use a little extra these days! 

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